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Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra performs for Bosch music clip

The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra in action. Photo: screenshot

With “Like a Bosch”, the Stuttgart-based technology group released a funny video clip in hip-hop style last year. Now there is a classic variant.

Stuttgart – With “Like a Bosch”, the Stuttgart technology group published a funny video clip last year, which was staged by the renowned agency Jung von Matt. The 90-second recorded the hit parody “Like a Boss” by actors Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg and sent a rather bizarre but cool nerd and his mustache through Bosch’s smart home world: networked alarm clocks, roller shutters , Coffee machines and vacuum robots for automatic parking in the home garage.

Here is the full length clip.

The advertising itself also became an internet hit and is now recorded by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra. Director Markus Korselt studied the “Like a Boss” song for Bosch as a music clip. Charming: The nerd from the advertising clip becomes a conductor who directs the musicians in their 16 apartments via the worldwide web. That is classic, but similarly weird. “It was a lot of fun to interpret a hip-hop song in a classic way and to be able to play it again after a long shutdown,” Korselt is quoted on the Bosch website.


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