DIC Asset: “Opportunities in the Market”

According to its own information, the real estate group DIC Asset sees opportunities to expand its own business in the current general economic situation. “Our high level of liquidity gives us secure support and the space to take advantage of opportunities in the market for us right now,” said DIC Asset AG CEO Sonja WÃĪrntges on Tuesday.

The situation is challenging, but according to DIC Asset it also shows positive developments. “In particular, the interest in adequately strengthened existing properties in less expensive B locations in the top locations as well as the demand for A locations in regional centers are developing well,” says the company. The Frankfurter also refer to “a noticeable demand dynamic in the logistics area”.

The company has also announced the extension of two leases: Firstly, this relates to around 5,000 sqm of office space that was rented by the BASF subsidiary Chemetall GmbH for another ten years. “On the other hand, a renewal contract for around 15,000 sqm was concluded over 10 years in an office property managed for third parties in the Institutional Business division,” said the real estate company.

At a glance – chart and news: DIC Asset

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