Corona is cracking Germany as a cash country

In many places you are asked to pay by card.
Picture: dpa

In Germany, more and more people are paying with cards, while cash in circulation is increasing. This is also because bills and coins work like drugs.

EIt is easy to see that something has changed in Germany these days. Where it used to be “only cash is true”, now the offers for card payments have increased significantly. Many shops even ask for card payments and advertise them. A survey by the retail institute EHI among 199 retail companies showed that 84 percent of the shops had provided information about cashless payment cards – another 13 percent wanted to implement this and only 3 percent did not plan to do so. Is Corona now able to do what countless campaigns in the financial industry have not yet managed to convince the Germans of the advantages of card payment?

If you look in the comment columns on the Internet, you can not really believe it, then the usual war of faith will be waged as if there were no more important issues: The card payers are happy, the cash payers see themselves compelled to emphasize, continue with cash to pay. But how does that really work? Has anything changed or are the polite requests for card payment still useless?

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