Braams (Unilever) praises the first WFA brand guide on data ethics

Conny Braams, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Unilever, is excited about the WFA launch of this handy book for marketers: “We have a responsibility to build trust in our brands and our use of data, and raise ethical standards to drive positive change in society. The WFA launched the world’s first brand guide to data ethics in advertising that aims to go beyond regulation. And also build respect, honesty, accountability and transparency in data management. ‘

The world’s first guide to brands’Data Ethics – The Rise of Morality in Technologyaccording to the publisher WFA (World Federation of Advertisers, the international BvA, ed.) intended to get brands thinking about the difference between what they are legally obliged to do with regard to data and what they have to do. The book has just been released. Marketing Standfollowers can download the guide here.

In particular, Braams would like to thank Jamie Barnard, General Counsel, Global Marketing and Media at Unilever and Chair of the WFA Data Ethics Board, “for taking a leading role in making this guide possible.”

Connie Braams (photo LinkedIn)

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