Unidevice: Stronger demand noticeable

Unidevice’s sales rose from 101.07 million euros in the first quarter to 102.69 million euros. At the end of the quarter, a decline in demand was noticeable due to the crisis. At the start of the year, EBIT rose 9.2 percent to EUR 1.01 million. The profit increases from 0.59 million euros to 0.71 million euros.

Since the end of 2019, Unidevice has had a bond on the market that bears interest at 6.5 percent. The outstanding volume is 3.23 million euros.

Before the crisis, the Unidevice listed in m: access assumed a sales increase of 17 percent to at least 420 million euros for 2020. EBIT should rise by 29 percent to at least 4.8 million euros. In the meantime, sales growth of 10 percent to 20 percent is expected. There should be a proportional increase in EBIT. This is a reaction to the crisis, as consumers could be more reluctant to spend. However, Unidevice is already feeling significantly higher demand again in April.

The expansion of a loan from EUR 5 million to EUR 8 million at the Oldenburgische Landesbank can enable higher sales. The plus can be up to 150 million euros.

GBC experts expect sales to increase by 15 percent to EUR 410.8 million in 2020. EBIT is expected to improve by 15 percent to 4.0 million euros. In 2021 there will also be an increase in sales of 15 percent.

The experts confirm the buy recommendation for Unidevice shares. The target price remains unchanged at EUR 3.25.

Unidevice’s shares today gained 1.9 percent to EUR 1.57.


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