TUI share: The air seems (for now) out … – Chart analysis

After the recent multi-day recovery rally of the TUI share from EUR 2.734 to EUR 7.16, the 200-day line ended the course party. This had triggered the prospect of the restart of the operating business in the travel industry, which had quit its activities due to the consequences of the corona pandemic. Investors reacted to the rally of the previous days by taking profits on the TUI share yesterday after the paper lost momentum as described at the chart technical hurdle EMA 200. With prices between € 5.562 and € 6.288, volatility remained high on Thursday, although it weakened somewhat the previous day. After yesterday’s XETRA closing price at EUR 5.814, current indications for the travel title shortly before 9 a.m. are EUR 5.15 / EUR 5.21.

So there are further clear profit-taking signs that are currently pushing TUI’s share price back into the areas of potential chart support at EUR 5.31 / 5.47 and EUR 5.04 / 5.30. Not far below these brands, the striking high of a first recovery of the TUI share after the Corona crash can be found at 4.83 / 4.84 euros. It could become a possible pullback point, especially since this brand could also play an important role as an intermediate high of a double bottom in the chart of the TUI share at 2.42 / 2.73 euros. If the course rally resumes, especially on the EMA 200 and in the range between EUR 7.16 and EUR 7.31 / EUR 7.61, chart technical obstacles would be expected.

Important technical data on the TUI share:

Last share price: 5,814 euros (stock exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Charting trends:

A strong recovery movement and the conclusion of a potential double bottom formation for the TUI share have shaped the movements in the last few days before significant profit-taking started on Wednesday.

Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 1,864 euros / 5,402 euros
EMA 20: 3,633 euros
EMA 50: 4,380 euros
EMA 200: 7.314 euros


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