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And the collectors of clothing have requested to keep the clothing for a while, because they too are overflowing with work. I may soon cut my wife’s hair. A set of hairdressing gear has already been purchased. I just have to look for a suitable flower pot. And what can we come up with after that. My mailbox is flooded with photo book offers. But I don’t know if I will digitize my old photo books in this nice weather. The closer we get to the lockdown end point, the more resistance I get to all that stuff. In line in the Gamma parking lot, because I need a roll of painter’s tape, how do you make it up.

I think I only do the most necessary jobs and fall into couches with a good book. I only want to do the really practical things, but the rest is for the next lockdown. Even the desire to read all those stories about storytelling, content marketing and other related matters is declining. Anyone who wants to communicate with their target group now needs to be very focused and concrete. Do not tell endlessly complicated to finally arrive at a conclusion that we have read dozens of times. Video conferencing is very efficient, working from home is considerably more productive than working in the office.

“For the use of video, it seems as if” awareness “and” conversion “cannot be mentioned in the same breath. As if a commercial goal would detract from the message you are trying to convey in your awareness content and vice versa. From a video strategy it can be seen that communicating at different touchpoints, with different types of content, forms a complete story with which very concrete KPIs can be achieved. So it is not about deploying one video, but starting a conversation where the total tension is created by different video assets. “After such an intro on I read professionally. But my attention and concentration have already faded with such a text. A good editor-in-chief had deleted two thirds.

“A more enjoyable activity is just more fun to do. This also applies to the checkout and payment process in an online store. This is an often less exposed phase of the online customer journey, while it is the most critical phase on the way to your conversion. Wondering why gamification of the checkout process can help you get more loyal customers? You read it in this article. “This is how a story starts at FW. You would say promising. But it then takes another twenty sentences before it becomes more substantive. Most readers have already dropped out. A shame, because it is a nice story or actually a story with a nice angle.

Here is another introduction of far too many words on “The digital ecosystem around your business and products will determine marketing success in the coming years. And that world is changing fast. Digital marketing is also ready for a new phase of life. Marketing automation, data management, profiling, personalization, digital lead funnels, conversational marketing and gamification are the themes of today. Marketers have to be fully involved in this to keep their knowledge up to date. But people who work in the communication industry or entrepreneurs / managers also need these skills. Because the battle for attention from the market will only get bigger now that we are facing major economic challenges. “The story that follows can be so fascinating, I will finish the intro halfway through.

Now it is essentially the case that short and concise communication is not necessarily something that belongs to this time. It always was. What we notice from many, many texts, the dire lack of editing. In the distant past it bothered me if the editor-in-chief had deleted 20 percent of my text, but in the end I had to admit that it had made them much better. Today’s self-proclaimed journalists should be more critical of their texts. Especially in this time when we start to lose patience and are more inclined to shout “come on, make your point”. Hire a good editor-in-chief. You can still be such a good advisor, but writing is also a profession. And in this day and age you should no longer arrive with a drivel. Indicate clearly what your story is. Make your point. Don’t get bored with endless talk. Come with the essentials. You’re damaging your reputation.


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