Bookings of holiday homes in your own country continue to rise to 65%

Domestic bookings continue to rise
The Belvilla holiday homes in the Netherlands are still widely booked for the summer period. Last month Belvilla already saw a weekly increase of 40% in the number of bookings, the specialist now sees the number of bookings increase to 65% in the last week. And that is substantial. This increase is expected to continue. Where the Netherlands is going on holiday this summer? The regions of Gelderland, Noord-Holland, Noord-Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg are, according to the booking figures, the top 5 Dutch destinations.

Trend visible across Europe
Hanita van der Meer, Brand PR Director at Belvilla: ‘We are not only seeing this exceptional increase in the Netherlands. In other European countries too, many houses are booked domestically for the summer period. A good example of this is Denmark, the country that first closed its borders in Europe, but where travel within its own borders was allowed. Week by week we see the bookings for holiday homes there increase by no less than 75%. Spain and Italy also very carefully show a plus’.
An increase of more than 50% is visible in Austria, France and Germany. Belgium experienced a peak in bookings in April, but now seems to be waiting for the new measures.

Looking forward
Belvilla has a wide range of holiday homes in nature reserves, on the coast or in a quiet area. The holiday homes are fully equipped and therefore feel like a safe place for the summer holidays. You know what the rules are about the virus, because you stay within national borders. The specialist predicts that if a second wave fails after the measures are relaxed, the demand for holiday homes and holiday parks in their own country will increase even more. Should the borders open, Belvilla expects that people will not go very far this summer and will initially opt for a holiday in one of the neighboring countries. Health and safety are paramount: Belvilla adheres to government measures and holiday homes are cleaned properly.

About Belvilla
‘We have carefully selected and managed the best holiday homes in Europe for more than 40 years. They are all 100% managed, accessible and valued accordingly: our guests rate their experience with Belvilla with an average of 8.4. But we continue to innovate to surprise people with our services and useful features, such as our digital self-check-in, our no-deposit standard and 24/7 support. Belvilla is market leader in the Benelux and one of the largest European players in the field of holiday homes. The organization offers approximately 40,000 holiday homes in 20 countries. Belvilla has been part of OYO Vacation Homes since 2019. ‘

(source: Belvilla)


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