Berendsen new Head of Marketing KFC Northern Europe

He gives substance and direction to the strategic movement Kentucky Fried Chicken will implement in the region in the coming years. Daan Berendsen previously worked at The Coca-Cola Company, where he has worked in various senior marketing positions to strengthen various soft drink brands. Before that he fulfilled various marketing roles at Heineken.

KFC is an iconic and award winning brand ‘, says Daan Berendsen in an explanation. “The company is ambitious and progressive and is a leading player in an industry that is very much on the move. I want to make a positive contribution to this dynamic. KFC has a global impact, but as a marketer you can really make a difference in your own local market with campaigns and innovations. I’m really looking forward to that. ”

About KFC Northern Europe
‘KFC Northern Europe has almost 90 restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Iceland. The chicken is freshly prepared by the KFC chefs every day. Still after the original 1939 recipe by founder Colonel Harland Sanders. In addition to the focus on the product and the further expansion of the number of restaurants, the operational management pays a lot of attention to the development of all employees. More info can be found here. ‘

(source: KFC)

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