Newcomers are now venturing to the stock exchanges

The euro currency has been losing purchasing power for years. Interest rate and earnings prospects ensure an increase in shares.

According to new studies, more and more investors seem to be daring to buy stocks. A good sign. In the USA in particular, many who now have to do without sports betting should keep an eye on the stock market. Since the uncertainties are currently very large, because nobody can predict exactly how the economy will continue, one should exercise caution. That means relying on solid values, i.e. the fundamental data must be correct.

The fundamental data include the situation of the economy as a whole, as is an analysis of the status of a company. Mining companies currently offer such good conditions. What they make of it is largely a management matter. The prices of precious metals rose. In the past twelve months, the gold price rose by around 34 percent and the silver price by a good 20 percent. The palladium price went up almost 50 percent and the platinum price about four percent.

Due to rising precious metal prices, producers earn significantly more. Most mines have also passed the time of closure or shutdown. The third quarter should again stand for better results.

The very well positioned companies include OceanaGold and Osisko Gold Royalties. OceanaGold – – successfully produces gold, silver and copper. The projects are located in the United States (Haile gold mine), New Zealand (Macraes, Waihi) and the Philippines (Didipio gold and copper mine). For the rest of the year in particular, President and CEO Michael Holmes expects increased total mine production at a lower cost.

Osisko Gold Royalties – – is one of the companies that earn with license agreements and precious metal purchases. A broad-based company is automatically included in a royalty company. At Osisko Gold Royalties, more than 135 licenses and metal purchases ensure this.

Current company information and press releases from OceanaGold (- -) and Osisko Gold Royalties (- -).

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