Lufthansa: Agreement with EU on the home stretch

An agreement between Lufthansa, the federal government and the EU is within reach. The Lufthansa Executive Board approved a compromise proposal. The approval of the Supervisory Board is still pending.

Accordingly, Lufthansa should transfer the stationing of up to four aircraft to a competitor in Munich and Frankfurt. This includes up to 24 take-off and landing rights. The EU’s first proposal envisaged the abandonment of six aircraft per airport.

Initially, only new competitors in Frankfurt and Munich can apply for the slots. This applies to 18 months. Only then will existing competitors be allowed to use the option. The allocation of the slots is planned in a bidding process. This excludes competitors who have received substantial state aid from Corona. Only competitors from Europe can apply for the free slots.

Lufthansa also plans to convene an extraordinary general meeting. This is intended to agree to the entire aid package.

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