[interview] Oger steals the show with special VIP couriers

What do you have with marketing?
‘I am Sander Lusink, 42 ​​years old and brand director / co-owner at Oger Fashion Group. My marketing fascination started during my marketing HBO education, by amazing certain people (surprise, ed.) With ingenious creations … in words and images. ‘

You stand out with the delivery on Saturday. How did this idea come about? How does it work?
‘The 1 hour Vip Webstore Amsterdam delivery service was created by the need to be more online during corona. It didn’t really bring us much more one-hour deliveries, but more followers and ultimately more online sales. ”

Are the VIP couriers easy to get?
‘The couriers are all friends of the Oger fashion house and do this as a friend service in the corona period. They all said yes immediately, which of course we found very honorable. Besides Bryan Roy, Dutch celebrities Ronald de Boer and Dries Roelvink also drove for Oger. ‘

How are the reactions?
“The reactions were unexpectedly super positive, except for a few sour reactions, after we were thought to be a little too close together or that a certain VIP was not suitable for us.”

Does it lead to more sales or at least attention?
“Especially to more attention and consequently more sales.”

How do you sail in these crazy times?
“We keep getting better. And are creeping upwards every month towards our budget planned at the beginning of the year. ”

Any new plans for post corona?
‘Our focus for next year is on the renovation of Oger Amsterdam as experience center and the further online development of our e-commerce and social media channels. “

text: Peter van Woensel Kooy | photo above: bicycle courier Bryan Roy who drove this weekend

Sander Lusink, brand director / co-owner at Oger Fashion Group

Linkedin page Oger as a marketing tool. Besides Bryan Roy, Dutch celebrities Ronald de Boer and Dries Roelvink also drove for Oger.

‘The well-known multi-brand store Didato on the Utrechtsestraat joins the Oger family, which in turn significantly expands its brand range and style group.

The family business thus takes over a successful store concept. Something that was a long-cherished wish, says Martijn Lusink, CEO of Oger: ‘As a family business, it makes sense to think about the next generations. The next generations of Oger men who not only dress in suits, but also have a taste for exclusive designer brands. So there is now didato to be able to fulfill this question in its entirety. ‘ Oger has been known for years as the To-Go address for sartorial menswear and attracts a wide audience of sophisticated gentlemen. “The acquisition offers an excellent opportunity to connect the world of menswear brands with designer brands,” said Björn Hillerström, co Oger. As a result of this takeover, the brand range expands to include Balmain, Givenchy, Lanvin and Valentino. The customer of Oger and the customer of Didato meet each other in the desire for good service, a personal approach and exclusivity. This goes for Gen Y and Gen Z up to the stylish gentlemen in their sixties; everyone can contact Oger and its various store formulas. The retail formula under the name “Didato” will remain largely, but with a different owner. The main goal is to make Didato the no.1 leading platform for designer and fashion brands.

The first development within Didato is the launch of the online shop, under the guidance of Oger’s e-commerce team. In this way, men from all over the country can discover and obtain the didato collection in a suitable online didato environment. Didato is a high-end multibrand store with designer brands for men, founded in 1989. Didato’s full range of brands now consists of Balmain, Burberry, Dsquared2, Givenchy, Lanvin, Moncler, Moose Knuckles, Neil Barrett, Stone Island, Valentino and Woolrich. Oger is a luxury men’s fashion store with Italian top brands and the best service, founded in 1990, with stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem and Antwerp. More info click here. ‘
(source: Oger)

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