Wirecard: The hustle and bustle continues

The latest share buybacks from Wirecard CEO Markus Braun will be discussed further on the market. Many investors see this as a positive sign, others are skeptical whether all regulations have been met. The topic is likely to occupy the market for a while. A statement from the Bafin may first provide final clarity – if it does come.

But other investors continue to trade in Wirecard shares. The view is once again across the pond to the USA. And once again, it’s Bank of America that produces a message. US investors held 5.41 percent in Wirecard until May 20. This exposure was divided into shares (0.56 percent) and instruments (4.85 percent).

On the reporting date, the Americans reduced their stake in Wirecard to 5.01 percent. Of these, 0.42 percent are shares, the other 4.59 percent are different instruments. The Bank of America report lists, among other things, a retransfer claim (1.05 percent), a call option (0.72 percent), swaps (1.13 percent) and a put option (1.5 percent). Experience has shown that this may not have been the last Bank of America announcement. At Wirecard, you obviously continue to get involved.

Wirecard shares today gained 0.6 percent to EUR 94.56.

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