Wirecard: Americans are out

In the early evening, Wirecard reports that Bank of America reduced its position in the DAX group on May 20. That day it went down from 5.41 percent to 5.01 percent.

An even more important step by the Americans follows two days later, on May 22nd. At least for the time being, you are getting out of Wirecard almost entirely. Until then, if they held 0.42 percent in shares and 4.59 percent in instruments, the exposure will be reduced almost completely as of the reporting date.

As of May 22, Bank of America still holds 0.01 percent of Wirecard. This position is broken down into 0.01 percent in shares and 0.00401 percent in instruments. The number of shares is 9,589. For the instruments, a right to use and a swap are listed in marginal sizes.

It is not the first time that Bank of America has implemented such violations at Wirecard. Most recently, on May 7, the share was reduced from 4.69 percent to 0.06 percent. A little later, they stepped up again and exceeded the 5 percent mark.

Wirecard is a popular trading object for many investors these days.

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