Stop loss – how to properly limit losses and where to place stops

[mit Video-Analyse] Since things do not always develop positively on the stock exchange, it makes sense to every investor that he must limit his risk. How to do it and why stops have some pitfalls – you will find out in this article.

A Stop loss order is a security order (for example, for a share), in which an investor determines at which price (which must always be below the current market price) a sale of the security should be carried out.

In addition to various types of stops, a central question in the focus of investor interest is when choosing the right stop price: where do I place my stop?

So that we can answer this question, we first need to talk about what a stop actually is and what exactly happens with a stop order.

And once we have internalized this knowledge, it is time to let the facts and figures speak and to examine together how a stop can be made Return and where you best place your stops.

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