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Innovations: now or never!

Now it is time to prepare for the time after the lockdownimago images / Westend61

How can you make your company profitable again in these confusing times and make it globally competitive in the future? You are not alone with this question.

Overall, two fundamentally different camps have emerged for me over the past few weeks as to how the managers deal with the situation.

Full braking

The media often read about companies that focus entirely on survival: They save their resources as much as possible, cut costs as far as possible, send their sales staff home and close their development departments. Projects are parked or completely canceled. All together hope that the difficult times will soon be over and that things will (almost) continue as before.

No, this can no longer be explained with shock rigidity. Rather, there is a lack of confidence and a lack of belief in their own success. In most cases, even if a company changes its production to use masks to create media, that’s not a strong sign either. Such short-term measures are even dangerous because they point more to employment than to progress and shaping the future.

Last week

Sure – we are experiencing a rousing change movement at an unprecedented pace, especially in business and society.

A conversation partner recently said to me: “Yes, that’s the old way of thinking.” When I asked what he meant by this, he replied: “Well, that from last week.” And of course, everyone who is responsible for a company has to deal with how they can maintain their liquidity in the whirlpool of these changes.

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But some pioneers prove that there is another way: They conserve their resources and have a clear picture of their future. They are working intensively and under high pressure, as I can see from my telephone calls with various CEOs.

Stoic serenity

I observe this brave spirit in very different companies. These include small companies as well as Dax companies, they are third-party and family-run companies from various industries. They have one thing in common:

You keep your nerve and a clear head. They still know exactly what they want to achieve and cannot be stopped from acting. And it is very important to this action that you develop resilient innovations. One after the other. In stoic serenity. Just now.

These companies ask themselves a lot of good questions. There is just one question that they definitely don’t dwell on: “Why should we change something with which we have been successful for decades?”

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