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The home office has found its way into many companies and has brought with it some new rituals for everyday work. This includes the video conference, which has already produced several bingo games with typical phrases due to their potential for breakdowns in social media. But even if you circumvent the technical hurdles, there are still a few pitfalls left. has put together the central do’s and don’s.

Silence is golden

Don’t: Of course, due to the physical distance to the boss and colleagues, you must not go under in the meetings. However, if you only stand out because you hear the keyboard in parallel to the contributions of the others, sip coffee or make phone calls, you have undivided attention, but this only conducts sympathy to a limited extent.

Do: In order not to become a disruptive factor, it is best to keep your own microphone turned off. If you want to contribute something, you can switch it on flexibly. But don’t forget, otherwise your own statements will end in a pantomime guessing game. Very varied, but only partially constructive.

Location, location, location

Don’t: If you are looking for the right place for a video conference, it is best not to choose a too crowded environment, such as the kitchen or the living room. Because as cute as your own children or pets are – they distract you in the background. The best example is the British professor Robert Kelly. His live interview with the BBC in 2017, into which his two children burst, went around the world – but no one remembers his assessment of the impeachment procedure of the South Korean president.

Do: Retreat to a quiet place and warn the family that a conference is coming. This way they avoid distractions for themselves and their conversation partners. Afterwards you can of course go back to the kitchen or living room to work.

Timing is everything

Don’t: The great advantage of video conferencing is that you can easily join it at any time. So much comfort also invites you to prepare yourself in the very last minute. If the technology goes on strike or the access data cannot be found immediately, the stress is pure. This does not make a good impression on colleagues either, because the excuse of the late bus or the traffic jam does not work in the home office.

Do: Of course, you don’t have to be ready to start hours before the conference starts. You should plan a good quarter of an hour beforehand. This way they can set up the necessary access data again, check the camera and the microphone and adjust mentally to the start of work.

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