Bitcoin on May 31, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) attacked the $ 9,700 today, May 31, 2020; too early for a breakaway, it was only a brief foray. Sales pressure quickly brought Bitcoin down to the level of $ 9,460 at the time of writing. Only a few hours before closing this May in green for the BTC; the latter returns to its closing level in January 2020.

2 bullish explanations for Bitcoin

For Max Keizer, the recent increases in Bitcoin are explained by the “Political unrest” in the USA. The world is starting to realize that Bitcoin is the only way to beat the system and “Regain individual sovereignty”.

Waves of protest exploded in more than 30 American cities following the death of George Floyd. Police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with the murder of this man.

Keizer encourages everyone to “monetize their anger with Bitcoin” – to buy their freedom or to express their protest against the system?

To explain the recent increases in Bitcoin, Peter Schiff preferred to attack Tyler Winklevoss, accusing him of being one of the BTC Whales manipulating the price of BTC, and needing “many fools” to be able to sell their Bitcoins .

El famoso $ 1 million bitcoin

John McAfee Emitted a tweet yesterday, May 30, 2020, to qualify 1 BTC to 1 million dollar of ” whatever “. There is no need to say! McAfee has the art of flipping his jacket after his crazy gamble on putting his family jewelry on the table.

1 BTC at 1 million dollars by the end of 2020 is indeed insane but, not as much as that if we reason over a decade, to believe this roadmap of Bitcoin. A good month for May for Bitcoin, given the current context: Bitcoin regains its pre-crisis levels with an inflation rate which has just halved after the recent halving.

Influencers continue to push twittos to buy BTC, under the anger of Peter Schiff. Bitcoin annoys old economists and financiers because, it has an intrinsic value but, which actually rests on an invaluable intangible asset: individual freedom.

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