publity: New Investors Before Getting Started?

The real estate group publity is not just about placing a bond, but also about a possible change in the group of shareholders. Major shareholder and CEO Thomas Olek is in negotiations for the sale of part of his publity shares, according to company data from Thursday. The talks are being held with international institutional investors who want to get involved with publity in the long term. The negotiations also include a lock-up agreement for 12 to 24 months, which investors are ready to do.

Details of the deal are still open. “The sale could take the form of a direct sale of shares by TO-Holding GmbH or TO Holding 2 GmbH, whose sole shareholder is Thomas Olek, or by the sale of one of these two associated companies,” the company said. Olek’s stake would drop just below 50 percent in a sale. The price of the share package should be based on the market price of the recent past.

“Thomas Olek also informed the company that it would like to remain associated with publity AG as a board member and major shareholder in the long term. He would therefore subject all of his publity shares still held by him after the implementation of the planned transactions to a lock-up agreement with a term of 24 months, ”says the company widely. In addition, depending on the share price, Olek also wants to buy shares in the company on the stock exchange in the future.

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