Health for the depot

A researcher in a laboratory at Beijing University
Picture: AFP

Pharmaceutical and healthcare stocks are particularly rewarding in the pandemic. But sometimes it is too simple, because there are also risks.

Jedes Börsenumfeld has its favorites. Healthcare stocks have been promising for many investors for some time. The aging population of the world alone is driving the imagination of courses, and growing prosperity in emerging countries is also promoting this. The intensive search for promising drugs and vaccines in the fight against Corona only arouses more attention. In addition, the “Healthcare” values ​​are considered defensive and rather independent of the economy – an advantage in this economically difficult time. Many are also known to be particularly reliable, attractive dividend payers like Fresenius in Germany.

This confidence is reflected in the stock market. Health stocks have outperformed the overall market since the beginning of the year (see chart). Particularly promising have been hopefuls like the American biotechnology company Inovio, which is working on a corona vaccine, with a four-fold increase in the share price, or the German competitor Biontech, which is trying to do this together with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (up 45 percent).

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