Federal Council decides to reduce tax on tampons

Hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary napkins could soon become cheaper. From January, a reduced VAT rate will be required for these products, as the Federal Council has now decided.

Hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary napkins are said to become cheaper through a tax reduction. The Federal Council approved an amendment to the law on Friday, which from January onwards only requires the reduced VAT rate of seven percent on such products. Many women had campaigned for this in recent months, more than 180,000 people signed a petition for the “Tampon Tax” on the Internet, under the motto: “The period is not a luxury”.

The tax rate is also falling for e-books

The reduced VAT rate is intended for important everyday goods. For electronic books and newspapers – so-called e-books and e-paper – the sales tax also drops from 19 to 7 percent.

The same law also passed a billion-dollar tax package designed to boost the sluggish demand for electric cars. The expiring tax privilege for electric company cars has been extended, and there are also special depreciations for electrically powered delivery vehicles. In addition, the Federal Council decided on tax improvements to the job ticket, so that employees increasingly switch to public transport.

Housing premium rises

In addition, the tax-free meals allowance for business trips and further training increases. The housing premium increases from 512 to 700 euros for single people and 1,400 euros for married people.

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