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Mouth mask for and hop cut. It is of course the question whether the hairdresser still recognizes you and knows what he or she is doing. Fortunately, I am not eager for a treatment. I shave smoothly all around. Nice and easy. Once or twice a week. With every column that I want to write, I always end up with that overpowering pandemic, clockwise or counterclockwise, when I actually prefer not to talk about it. I’m done with the C word. I exercise idly, everything is baked in my kitchen. I cycle, the attic is cleared, I am tinkered. Every day I process a cartload of alerts about content marketing. Although the number is decreasing. Steam is gradually coming out of my ears because I speak to few people, or do we have less and less to tell each other? What about the home-working content marketer. Do you still speak to your colleagues? And your customers? Isn’t it time to restore contacts. Step by step. Reminisce together, or tell what you have learned in the past period. Don’t speak to each other, but showing interest doesn’t hurt. Listen, ask questions and share anecdotes. Sharing concerns, talking with “I” as a starting point. Make sure to call at least one of your contacts every day, maybe video calling, but realize that not everyone appreciates that. Notify creative content you have identified. Numerous finds come daily. A nice story on this subject at Marketingfacts. “For example, McDonalds posted a gif on Instagram in which the well-known French fries first pile up and then separate them. The fast food giant is not the only brand that plays with distance visually. “

I like to quote a heading from a colleague magazine, because I fully agree: “Big brands shouldn’t start making content themselves.” Reducing costs is okay, but not at the expense of all those self-employed professionals who care about assignments to jump. But Delahaye from Afas is quite rigorous: “We have stopped content marketing for lead generation. We participated in the rat race of videos, talks and the filling of our social channels. We didn’t get enough out of it. What is the value of ten thousand views of likes. “Oops … More experimentation, more brutality and guts apparently yield more. It seems that we worked here without strategy. Then quitting is the right choice. But involve an outside professional in developing the right strategy.

It is nice that this new era also yields new experts. “The corona crisis heralds a new reality with a major economic recession and a half meter society. This requires companies and institutions to take a critical look at their vision, ambition and strategy. After all, business as usual no longer exists. What does the new reality look like? What does that mean for your organization in the short and long term? What do you want to achieve in concrete terms? How do you do it and what does that mean for employees and customers? Successful entrepreneurship in the new normal starts with a vision and a good story. “I read this at FW. Where the advertising world entails and does not use the current situation to beat itself up and to honk the horn, the advisors seem to believe that they can tell you how to get the best out of this “depression”. Economic analyzes continue to move. Up and down. Nobody dares to predict the future. You can rise above yourself with a good dose of reflection I would say. Undoubtedly there will be a revival. We don’t know when. But at least you can prepare for it.

In this regard, there was a nice story in MT: “Learn from a trauma surgeon, air traffic controller and chefs to make choices under pressure.” A few relevant quotes: Keep an overview – if everyone cares about the patient, things can go wrong if nobody process monitored – use checklists to stay in control. Some things are so obvious that you simply don’t think about it when the adrenaline rises to a great height.

I get this paragraph from, because he expresses clearly what we have to do as a content marketer. As a result of the pandemic, brands must completely revise their go-to-market strategies and redefine business objectives. But the key to success is to look beyond the “noise” and think about the long term. Think about what your target group finds important and on which communication channels you can reach them.

We now know that the (social) media landscape is always changing. What was previously common is no longer. Marketers must therefore always keep an eye on the market, especially during crisis situations.

When the hairdressers start working again soon, they will also focus on what is urgent: cutting. Shaving and other small treats can probably wait a while.

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