Career5 common mistakes during lunch break

You shouldn't always spend your lunch break in the office
You shouldn’t always spend your lunch break in the officedpa

# 1 The wrong attitude

Short and unpaid: For many employees, the lunch break is more of a forced break from work. Employee protection? Some colleagues would rather leave half an hour earlier than take a break in the middle of the day. Well, usually nothing leads past the legally prescribed lunch break. Do yourself a big favor: understand the lunch break as a small gift to yourself and make the most of it.

# 2 Persevere

The lunch break is more than the absence of work. It helps to structure the working day and put an end to monotony. To do this, however, you must leave the workplace. Those who eat their own food at their desk and chat, for example, or buy something online, may be allowing their minds a little distance from the job. Nothing happens to the body during such a lunch break. A change of scenery – if only the office kitchen – should always be possible.

# 3 Not enough variety

A relaxing lunch break can easily begin. Do the opposite of what you do the rest of the day. If you stare at a screen for eight hours, go around the block and look more than 40 centimeters into the distance. That may not work every day. But at least once in a while, the lunch break should offer a real change from the rest of the working day. So it goes back to the desk all the fresher.

# 4 (none) meal planning

How successful and relaxing the lunch break is often already decided at home. If you bring your own food, you don’t need to waste your short break with shopping. In addition, a meal you bring with you can help you eat healthier. Fast food is often on the menu during lunch break. Are you stubbornly stuck to your desk during the break? Consciously avoiding the food you brought with you can be a strategy to drive yourself out of the office during your lunch break.

# 5 business lunch

The lunch break is often enjoyed with colleagues. So it makes sense to postpone small group meetings to lunch. It’s much easier to talk while eating, isn’t it? That’s right. But this turns the unpaid break into unofficial working hours. Now and then that’s okay. The lunch break should not be used for purely professional discussions on a regular basis.

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