Bitcoin on May 29, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $ 9,600 today, May 29, 2020, before returning to the $ 9,420 level at the time of writing. Bitcoin has returned to the $ 10,000 mark in recent days; however, the BTC is far from having started “Serious things”. BTC detractors point to the lack of seriousness of BTC traders and investors, even handing them over to their fair place: in Las Vegas.

What if or RSI?

Plan B has released yet another indicator, which he said would allow us to know when Bitcoin will be in bull territory.

The weekly RSI should, according to him, exceed 60, which was the case during the previous bull run, from October 2015 to December 2017; Bitcoin is still currently in bear territory with a weekly RSI (14) at the level of 57.

Is this all Chinese? Learn about the fundamentals and indicators of trading in our dedicated forum.

The prophetic joke

Finally my formulaGoldman sachs contains the word Gold and therefore implies Peter schiffperhaps holds up.

Critics of Goldman sachs against Bitcoin, during the meeting around BTC organized for its customers, have obviously delighted all the detractors of BTC who respect each other like Schiff.

The latter thus emerged from his silence – it was predictable – with a tweet where he suggests that critics of Goldman sachs will scare away institutional investors from Bitcoin Schiff perhaps should read our recent article on the growing interest of institutional investors for Bitcoin.

Bitcoiners are also entitled to ” lights ¬ĽOf the Professor Steve Hanke, economist within the Johns Hopkins University.

For Hanke, the critics of Sachs serve as a reminder with a dose of realism, for traders and investors BTC who, in his opinion, had better try their luck at Las Vegas rather than investing in such a volatile asset – Hanke forgot that for Goldman sachs, Bitcoin is not an asset.

Bitcoin against “experts”: a daily struggle. Many investors, economists, policymakers and other professors who think they have a say in Bitcoin, still haven’t understood that the value of Bitcoin is not limited to its price: Bitcoin is a new philosophy of economics and finance. It even has the potential to transform civic life in all areas.

Unless these detractors have understood this too well, the BTC thus becomes the enemy to be cut down to protect a system corrupted by dubious institutional practices, for the good collective of a few individuals.

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