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Crypto to watch porn or a blockchain to collect football playing cards or virtual kittens: crypto startups have not finished giving us fun and entertainment! The success of the CryptoKitties had succeeded in causing Ethereum (ETH) to crash: it is time to find them a new refuge more suited to their “cuteness” and their little claws.

Kitties challenge accepted!

Cryptophiles-ailurophiles certainly remember Cryptokitties, this collector game of virtual kittens that led to the crash ofEthereum.

The team of Dapper Labs recently announced that it has developed its own blockchain, Flow, to meet the challenges encountered on Ethereum.

The Managing Director of Dapper Labs, Roham Gharegozlou, explain that Flow has a broadband environment, which allows developers to build non-fungible applications and tokens (NFTs) that can be used by thousands of people.

Dapper Labs also developed the programming language Cadence, intended for the use of smart contracts on Flow.

As part of a technological partnership with the team of Libra ((), Cadence would be adopted by the latter for the deployment of their smart contracts; on their side, Dapper Labs would use the virtual machine of Libra, Move.

A kitten at 10,000 USD

CryptoKitties is the fourth largest Dapp on Ethereum, it’s also the consumer app that generated the most transactions in 2019 – almost 2 million according to the latest estimates.

Despite the new perspectives offered by Flow, Roham Gharegozlou ensures that the company’s priority is to guarantee the continuity of services offered to owners of CryptoKitties sure Ethereum : the 2 environments can therefore continue to coexist.

The CryptoKitties still have a bright future ahead of them: recently, the limited series of 100 kittens from collections launched on the market platform Nifty Twins Winklevoss, had been sold in seconds.

One of them was then allegedly sold for $ 10,000 on a secondary market a few minutes later.

Collect unique assets on the blockchain, for fun or to make money: gamification, the best pedagogy forever! The lesson to learn? We do not change – wink to Céline – we remain babies in the appearance of adults.

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