When does the insurance cover the costs?

After New Year’s Eve, not only a hangover, but also damage to the car can cause trouble. We tell you when the car insurance covers the costs.

The new year starts less well for vehicle owners when their own car is battered. Here the general association of the German insurance industry (GDV) recommends: “The damage should be photographed from different perspectives and the car insurer should be informed immediately.” If the perpetrators cannot be identified, existing partial or comprehensive insurance can regulate the damage, explains a spokeswoman.

Comprehensive insurance

“If cars are set on fire by fireworks or damaged by an explosion, the comprehensive insurance covers the damage,” says the GDV. Broken glass is also usually a case for partial coverage.

Comprehensive insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance also compensates for damage if cars are deliberately damaged on New Year’s Eve. And it regulates dents, scratches and scorching damage caused, for example, by falling rockets on the car.

Comprehensive and comprehensive insurance: The former only covers damage from certain events that are beyond the driver’s control – such as theft, game accidents and storm damage. Fully comprehensive protection also applies to self-inflicted accidents, and vandalism damage is also assumed.

In the event of regulation, the insured must always factor in the contractually agreed excess in the case of fully comprehensive insurance. There may also be an impact on the no-claims class.

Car in the garage

As a preventative measure, the GDV advises parking cars in a garage or underground car park before New Year’s Eve, but above all far from known party miles.

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