VW: Investigations due to CO2 figures stopped

The charges against six Volkswagen employees for possible manipulated CO2 figures have been dropped. However, further proceedings against the company are still ongoing.

The public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig has closed investigations into Volkswagen’s potentially deliberately manipulated CO2 data. The law enforcement agency said that the suspicion of six suspects could not be proven with the sufficient security required for an indictment.

The investigators investigated the question whether information on carbon dioxide emissions had been deliberately manipulated in test models of Volkswagen brand models and could therefore have been given too low in type approvals.

Prosecutor’s statement

As a result, according to the prosecutor, it has become clear that VW VOLKSWAGEN AG VZO O.N. share have made use of the scope and tolerable ranges for emissions and consumption. The investigation began in 2015 shortly after the diesel scandal at Volkswagen was exposed. VW had admitted in November 2015 that “the CO2 certification of some vehicle models had too low CO2 and therefore consumption figures”. According to information from the group at the time, it was about 800,000 cars.

Chief Prosecutor Klaus Ziehe emphasizes that the hiring has no signal effect on other civil proceedings or the criminal investigation in the context of the diesel affair. In Braunschweig, investigations into a possible market manipulation and the procedure for software manipulation of nitrogen dioxide emissions are ongoing.

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