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This is how the gastro chains in the Corona crisis are doing

While the classic catering businesses such as restaurants and cafés had to switch to new models in the Corona crisis and discovered that the delivery service was an alternative to the crisis, fast-food restaurants had an advantage at first glance. After all, large chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks have been relying on the “To Go” and “Drive Thru” concepts for years.

Due to the contact restrictions, some of the branches of the large catering chains were also closed. Wherever was open, customers made themselves scarce – or stayed away altogether. Many chains are therefore already exempting part of the fees that they should actually pay from their franchisees. For example, McDonald’s waives part of the rent. Many other chains spend hours or waive their franchise fees temporarily.

How heavy the losses from the lockdown weigh can only be guessed at so far. The business figures for the first quarter give a first taste. So far, the crisis has been noticeable in the large international catering chains:

This is how the food chains are in crisis

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