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How to choose your EOS wallet?

Having an EOS wallet to store your virtual currency is essential to protect it from possible hacks. You own or want to own a few units of the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization because you believe in His development ? Many office EOS wallets or online EOS wallets are available. Here is a selection of the solutions available to you to store and secure your crypto assets.

How do I create my EOS account?

To have your EOS wallet, you must create a paid EOS account. However, creating an EOS account requires going through an already open account. In other words, you need to know the owner of an EOS account to open your own.

Fortunately, sites for payment can create an account for you. This is the case of EOS Account Creator, one of the best known of them.

EOS Account Creator website

To create your account and have your wallet:

  • Indicate a Account Name (composed of 12 alphanumeric characters in lowercase letters and 5 digits maximum), with the possibility of using an automatic generator;
  • Generate private keys (secret codes composed of random numbers between 1 and 2256 allowing access to the wallet) and a public key (unique digital signature of the account calculated from the private key) via the site’s simple JavaScript generator. Write down your secret private key on paper, never disclose ;
  • Enter your public key to generate your “active” addresses, which will be used for your daily transactions (money transfers, interactions with a dApp / decentralized application) as well as your key to enter your EOS online wallet;
  • Pay the costs of creating an EOS account by credit card or cryptocurrency;
  • Configure your EOS wallet.

To know : some crypto wallets have a built-in EOS account generator.

Cold or hot EOS wallet, what differences?

It’s not precisely from EOS that you are going to store in your cryptocurrency wallet, but the private keys allow you to use it.

Note that it is the combination of the private key and the public key that allows you to carry out transactions securely. So you only have your cryptocurrencies when you have access to your private keys.

If these are kept in an online medium, we speak of hot wallets (browser extensions, web portfolios, etc.). If these are filed offline, we talk about cold wallets (hardware and paper wallets).

Hot wallets offer fewer guarantees, because they can be subject to computer attacks because they are precisely online, like exchange platforms. To prevent malicious people from stealing your private key to steal your EOS, you can opt for cold wallets.

We are talking about cold storage (cold storage), because the private keys are placed on paper wallets or hardware wallets like USB keys. This is the solution preferred by large accounts that hold a lot of cryptocurrencies, because they allow speculation, that is to say wait until the price of the EOS increases in order to sell them at a higher price, safely.

The best hardware EOS wallets

EOS hardware wallets provide a high level of security, on the condition of adopting virtuous behavior avoiding connecting them too often on the internet. Some can accommodate more than a thousand different virtual currencies. Updates are regular and quality customer support.

Of course, EOS hardware wallets are not free, but the investment quickly pays for itself. It is a solution whose quality / price ratio is very effective on the market. Two brands stand out: Trezor and Legder. The first offers the EOS Wallet Trezor Model T. The second markets two products: the newer EOS Wallet Ledger Nano S and the newer and slightly superior EOS Wallet Ledger Nano X.

The hardware wallet Ledger Nano X

The best desktop EOS Wallets

Office and mobile wallets allow you to have exclusive control of your private keys. In terms of security, this category constitutes an intermediate solution between cold wallets and EOS wallets online. Note that multi-currency models support over a hundred cryptocurrencies and some have the advantage of using the EOS dApp ecosystem.

This is the case of Simpleos, one of the best desktop wallets, which supports almost all the functions of the EOS ecosystem, as well as Greymass EOS Vote, a desktop portfolio designed by Team Greymass, manufacturer of EOS blocks.

Other interesting and well-known EOS wallets: the mobile wallet Infinito, Atomic wallet and Exodus.

Exodus home page

The best EOS Wallets online

Online wallets have the advantage of being very quickly installed to be used instantly and anywhere in the world via a simple and intuitive interface. However, the security of your EOS is not 100% guaranteed, the management of your private keys being handed over to fallible third parties. We recommend that you store small amounts of securities there.

To exchange your cryptoactive, think of the wallet Binance EOS online, very popular site, and on the EOS online wallet from eToro. The latter offers a qualitative service, the offer including deposit insurance up to a maximum of 20,000 euros. Note that the eToro wallet involves storage costs and that the withdrawal of the EOS is not yet possible at the time of writing this guide.

Binance website

Defining himself as the “Ethereum Killer” (“Ethereum killer”), EOS is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, and with a blockchain used by other platforms, the cryptoactive seems to have a bright future ahead of it.

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