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PortraitDaniel Arnold – the row house optimizer

Daniel Arnold, 44, founder of Deutsche terraced house AG, walks through one of his residential parks in Cologne Julia Sellmann

“The special thing is: there is no screed underneath.” Daniel Arnold taps his shoe several times on the dark PVC floor in parquet look, looks up, smiles almost triumphantly. “Do you know what that means? One step less, no drying time, no cracks on the edge of the wall. Then customers often ask: What about the impact sound insulation? ”Well, what about the impact sound insulation? “Then I ask: Who do you want to disturb here? It’s your house! And if your wife thinks she has to step up here, just tell her to stop. ”

Daniel Arnold is on the first floor of a model house in Cologne, model “Familienglück”, 145 square meters, on the left a double bed, on the right a closet, a large window in the back, the room measures 3.76 by 4.64 meters, makes 17.45 square meters. None of this would be worth mentioning – if it weren’t for this bedroom in Germany a few thousand times.

“The cables of this socket,” says Arnold, crouching down, “we run them over the outer wall.” Sure, because there is no screed. “Then I often hear: This is not possible, is not permitted. I say: Of course you can. I have the confirmation of an expert, I will send it later as a PDF. In the meantime, I definitely have 200 reports on the server. ”Just because something is not common, you learn quickly, does not mean that it is not possible. The radiator on the inner wall must also be exactly where it is. “The pipes”, says Arnold and taps on the radiator, “We’ll run them here” – it disappears into the bathroom, large tiled, with a glass shower, 7.95 square meters, “then here” – he goes on Nursery.

“With every special request it becomes expensive because you start to make mistakes”

Daniel Arnold

He planned every pipe, every pipe, every detail once, thought it through and built it very often, and that’s why you can’t change it – yes, you can’t at all. “You mustn’t start individualizing. With us you only get standard and through standardization a higher quality. “

This is the principle with which Daniel Arnold, 44, and his Deutsche terraced house AG grew up: He has been building series-made terraced houses for almost two decades. There are three models, in addition to “family happiness”, “joie de vivre” and “dream home”. They are five meters wide, measure between 85 and 145 square meters and always have the same sockets, light switches, windows, dormers.

No basement, no fireplace

There are a handful of options, like a second bathroom on the second floor – nothing else. No basement, no fireplace, no extras.

“With every special request it becomes expensive because you start to make mistakes,” says Arnold. “That costs time and money.” His terraced houses are unbeatably cheap: the 85 square meters are available for around 100,000 euros, the 145 square meters from 160,000 euros. In addition, there is of course the property, in Flensburg the “family happiness” costs 229,990 euros, in Gelsenkirchen 259,990 euros, in Neuss 309,990 and in Hamburg-Finkenwerder 429,990 euros.


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