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Ms. the highest paid CEO in the United States for the first time

Lisa Su earned around 53.4 million euros in 2019. Photo: imago images / UPI Photo / JAMES ATOA via

Since 2011, the AP news agency has been listing the salaries of US chiefs. Their employees would have to work an average of 169 years to get the salaries of top managers.

New York – Lisa Su from chip manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices is the first woman to top the annual ranking of the highest paid US chief executive officers of the AP news agency. Su made around $ 58.5 million in 2019, according to the ranking Equilar created for AP. Su benefited above all from the fact that AMD shares posted the highest gains of all companies in the S&P 500 share index for two consecutive years.

The AP ranking of the highest paid CEOs has been compiled every year since 2011. It only includes those business leaders who have been in office for at least two years to exclude start-up bonuses and other extras. That is why Sundar Pichai from Google’s mother Alphabet and Robert Swan from Intel, who earned even more than Su in 2019, were not taken into account.

Small group of women

The average salary for female CEOs on the list is $ 13.9 million due to Sus’s strong earnings, compared to $ 12.3 million for men. Only around five percent of S&P 500 companies are run by women.

Second on the list behind Su at $ 45.8 million is Discovery’s David Zaslav. The second highest-paid woman is Lockheed Martin’s Marilyn Hewson at $ 24.4 million.

What are the effects of Corona?

According to Equilar data, an average employee of the S&P 500 companies would have to work 169 years to earn what their boss gets in a year.

The numbers all come from before the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, numerous CEOs have announced that they will forego part of their salaries. Because of the turmoil on the stock markets, it will also be more difficult for them to achieve their 2020 corporate goals.

Su earned four times more in 2019 than in the previous year. Since taking control of AMD in 2014, the chipmaker’s stock has risen from around $ 3 to $ 55.

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