Marketing Stand and Factsnapp: 50 Free Surveys

MarketingTribune is allowed to give away 50 free market research on behalf of Factsnapp, exclusively for its readers.

Especially in these turbulent times, companies have a lot of questions from consumers. How has buying behavior changed? What do people expect from a brand or organization? Which communication is appropriate? A short research or concept test can easily answer these questions. Unfortunately, there is currently no budget for many companies to carry out these studies.

MarketingTribune and Factsnapp want to help companies to get up-to-date information about the customer, brand or product. The editorial team therefore compiles with Factsnapp 50 free surveys among Dutch consumers available.

MarketingTribune may give away 50 Factsnapp studies worth € 400 per study. For example, you can ask 5 questions to 200 consumers, including images or videos.

Request your unique code here to use this offer.

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