Incorrect information for garages: It becomes expensive in the event of damage

When entering the information for your garage, you should provide your car insurance company with the correct data. Otherwise, a claim can be expensive.

Garage or parking space? Many drivers or just one? High or low annual mileage? Information like this is included in the calculation of the car insurance.

Here, drivers should neither lie nor hide changes that occur later. That’s what the magazine “Auto Bild” advises. Because if the information is not correct, this could cause difficulties at the latest in the event of a claim.

This threatens you if you provide incorrect information

Anyone who is exposed with false information must not only count on retrospectively adjusted contributions. It may also mean the termination or termination of the contract. In individual cases, it even jeopardizes insurance coverage.

Because in the event of intent or gross negligence, damage or liability protection can be omitted, explains the magazine. The insurance company would then have to regulate the damage suffered by third parties, but the insured could take up to 5,000 euros in recourse.

Changes that occur could also reduce the contribution. For example, when drivers can suddenly use a garage and no longer have to park their car on the street.

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