How to deduct gassing from tax

Any costs incurred by an animal caretaker or the dog groomer can be deducted from the tax for pet owners. But the tax office only accepts the costs under certain conditions.

Pet owners can deduct some costs as household services from the tax. “Household-related services are everything you could theoretically do yourself,” explains Isabel Klocke from the taxpayers’ association. With regard to pets, this includes expenses for the animal hairdresser, trainer or care.

There must be a connection to the household

Important: “There must be a connection to the household,” explains Klocke. The supervisor would have to come home or pick up the dog at the front door for a walk. If, on the other hand, the cat is taken to a pension during the holiday, the costs cannot be taken into account in the tax return.

It is also crucial that the service providers issue an invoice, says Klocke. If the tax office asks, a document must be presented. It is also a requirement that payment has not been made in cash.

Only costs for professional care are taken into account

Only professional care costs can be deducted. If the neighbor takes care of the dog in her free time, she cannot issue a bill for it. In addition, only the actual labor costs may be listed in the tax return, material costs are not accepted by the tax office, adds Klocke.

The costs for purchase, feed and health insurance as well as the treatment by a veterinarian can also not be taken into account. The dog tax cannot be deducted either.

“It is worthwhile to deduct the expenses for pets from the tax,” says Klocke. Taxpayers can claim 20 percent of the cost of pets for tax purposes. According to paragraph 35a of the Income Tax Act, a total of up to 4,000 euros per year can be submitted for all household-related services.

More benefits for guide or service dogs

Different rules apply to pets that are kept for professional or health reasons. Owners of guide dogs or police service dogs generally enjoy more tax advantages.

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