Elon Musk announces reopening – despite ban

Elon Musk is known for his provocative statements about the coronavirus pandemic. But now the Tesla boss goes one step further: he opposes the instructions of the authorities in California.

In the corona crisis, Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to disregard the instructions from the authorities to halt production at the company’s main plant in California. The electric car manufacturer will resume production in the Fremont factory on Monday, Musk said in the short message service Twitter.

Musk announced that he would be present in the factory himself. If the authorities want to react with arrests, he will ask that only he himself be arrested. The Tesla chief argued that California government officials had approved the resumption of Tesla production. However, this approval was “illegally revoked” by an employee of the Alameda district.

Musk had been complaining about the Alameda authorities in a series of angry Twitter messages in the past few days. He also threatened to move the factory to the state of Texas or Nevada.

US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin strengthens Musk’s back

The technology entrepreneur received support from US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Musk is “one of the largest employers and manufacturers in California,” Mnuchin told CNBC. The state should therefore ensure that health protection issues are resolved and that the Tesla plant can “open quickly and safely”.

Musk is known for his provocative statements. At the end of April, he had described the restrictions in the fight against the corona virus as “fascist”. The Tesla boss has repeatedly commented on the pandemic in recent weeks – often with the tenor that the danger from the virus is overestimated.

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