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It is the type of grab capitalists that we still know from the fall of V&D, among others: hanging the toko full of debts, selling real estate and renting back expensive, emptying the company, filling pockets, anti-social policy against employees and ultimately broken retail. A pre-crisis mindset.

The FD writes about the alleged coup based on conversations with insiders. If the management agrees, current owner Marcel Boekhoorn loses Hema. He has owned the company since fall 2018. Marcel Boekhoorn said that he is prepared to put in new money if some of the debts are cleared, BNR writes. “This is an alternative proposal,” says FD journalist Jan Braaksma, who got the news out, “Boekhoorn has not yet done anything, he has not yet blinked.”

Boekhoorn previously stated that he wanted to get rid of the stranglehold of grab capitalists. The creditors are now making a notable counter-offer: half of the debt out, “in exchange for the keys to the company,” says Braaksma. Get two, pay one, as it were. Read on here.
(sources: FD, BNR)

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