BTC May 28, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) continues its (re) climb today, May 28, 2020: attacks by Goldman Sachs have apparently done good to the dean of cryptos. The time may have finally come to take action focusing on their long-term impacts. The time has also perhaps come for Bitcoin – or more precisely for convinced bitcoiners – to take and definitively assume their independence.

Let’s stop jumping!

Bitcoin is at the $ 9,464 level at the time of writing. The Chief of Hedgeye Risk Management, Keith McCullough, opened long positions as soon as Bitcoin crossed the $ 9,000 mark – time to do the same and look at longer horizons?

Today’s tweet from Peter brandt, also invites you to see the course of the BTC in the long term: he doesn’t think it is worth trying to do ” talk »The daily price of BTC. For the past 8 years, the market has “Ring the bells and the whistle” that over a dozen days – this advice is not in my opinion relevant for day traders and scalping specialists.

What if we didn’t care!

Goldman sachs, Warren Buffet : Living Gods of Finance? But even the Gods can fall on their heads.

Should these critics be given Bitcoin our attention, or even offer them a platform? Charles hoskinson goes back on the critics of Goldman sachs towards Bitcoin at the meeting she organized yesterday, May 27, 2020, for her clients.

For Hoskinson, Goldman sachs can’t just ask their customers to buy ” Something “ which risks bankrupting the bank.

The Congress candidate, David Gokhshtein, meanwhile said that Bitcoin does not need the ” blessing »Of Buffett to succeed.

Solid is the faith of the one who adopted Bitcoin in his heart and, who does not deviate from the right path to the success of cryptos and the defeat of fiats: we are not going to make it a religion either! Bitcoin doesn’t need an authority – in every sense of the term – to succeed. The world may not be enough for 007, but Bitcoin’s independence could be enough for its success.

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