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Due to the corona virus, more and more companies rely on the home officeBy Dimitri Karastelev at Unsplash

In order to remain fit for work in the face of the Corona pandemic and still ensure the health of the workforce, more and more companies are advising their employees to work from home. Thanks to digitization, this changeover is easily possible in some professions. So that the quality of the work does not suffer, you should not fall into these typical home office traps:

# 1 the bed

As trivial as it sounds, the bed is not only the number one home office trap in a figurative sense. It’s simply tempting to snooze the alarm clock and stay there for a few more minutes. Or then, after waking up, simply bringing the laptop back to bed with the morning coffee and sacking it there. No matter how comfortable and cozy this work situation is, it cannot be really productive. Therefore: get up in the morning as usual and respect the bed as a place of rest where work has no place.

# 2 procrastination

We all know the situation that you know exactly what to do, but for some reason, we keep pushing it back and doing everything except the actual task. What is hardly possible in the office becomes a trap at home: procrastination. Cleaning the kitchen, sorting the cupboard, talking on the phone with the sister and quickly going to the post office in between – the apartment will be tidier than ever, but that doesn’t help the work. Make sure that you actually work during working hours and set clear priorities to avoid interruptions and distractions.

# 3 No fixed working hours

The nice thing about home office is that there is no pressure to be on time in the office. But sometimes without any pressure, there is sometimes no discipline to start in the morning or to concentrate on work (see # 1 and # 2). If there are no longer fixed working hours, it quickly happens that work and private life mix, when the weather is nice, longer breaks are taken or, on the contrary, the work is done too long. Therefore, it makes sense to set fixed working hours yourself, to adhere to them and to make a plan of what has to be done that day. Are you through all of the tasks earlier than expected? All the better!

# 4 Too much coziness

Just as the bed is not an adequate workplace, the pajamas are not suitable work clothing. It quickly happens that you fall into the comfort trap of your home office and consequently only wear jogging pants. We don’t think like Karl Lagerfeld that you have lost control of your life as a jogging braces, but you can do a minimum of effort to feel a little more competent. So: get up, shower, get dressed and be happy that it doesn’t have to be your business outfit, but your favorite jeans.

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