Wirecard: The paper could be valued favorably

Wirecard again postponed the presentation of the annual financial statements yesterday. Instead of June 4, the report is due to appear on June 18. E&Y accountants need more time to audit everything. Wirecard is already very hopeful with regard to the attestation. No problems are expected.

The third postponement of the appointment has been criticized in the market, some speak of an annoying affair.

However, the analysts from Oddo BHF point out that the shares of the DAX group are cheaply valued. But they also postpone that this is the case if everything is OK. So you also become more careful here. However, if there were any further errors, inconsistencies or irregularities, the valuation of the shares would be too high. Then the paper would be valued expensive at the current level.

As before, the analysts gave the rating “neutral” for Wirecard shares. The target price for the Wirecard papers is still EUR 105.00.

Wirecard shares are now down 1.5 percent to EUR 85.85.

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