Wirecard share: surprise ahead? A high hurdle in view!

For days, the Wirecard share has struggled with a chart hurdle around the 88/89 euro mark. Currently, the share price of the DAX-listed financial services provider is once again starting to run into the resistance area – even though speculation about the future of the CEO and “Wirecard mastermind” Markus Braun is currently making the headlines.

Or maybe because of that? After all, there have recently been clear demands from groups of investors on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that Wirecard has to make a cut at the top of the Executive Board after the still unfinished history of the Group’s possible creative balance sheet policy. That the stock is positive Rumors that Braun’s contract will not be renewed, reacts, speaks for itself. In the speculations about Braun’s future, however, it should not be forgotten that the supervisory board has only just strengthened his back and is holding the largest single share package in Wirecard …

In terms of chart technology, the recently outlined scenarios for the Wirecard share remain: After several confirmations of an obstacle zone of EUR 87.59 / 89.61, there is still a first chart-technical signal point for the DAX value. The zone at this point has gradually developed into a short-term, important trend-determining brand for the DAX stock that is currently in the spotlight. At the moment, the Wirecard share is trading at a daily high of EUR 87.84.

If the Wirecard share succeeds in a stable jump over the obstacle of EUR 87.59 / 89.61 in the near future, the possible test of various trading hurdles at EUR 94.33 / EUR 95.78 and above, as already outlined in the 4investors chart check for the Wirecard share, could occur at and above the 100 euro mark. The counterpart on the bottom remains the supports between EUR 79.68 / 80.08 and EUR 81.38 / 82.00 as well as the previous Corona / KPMG crash low for Wirecard’s share price at EUR 72.00.

Important technical data on the Wirecard share:

Last share price: 87.84 euros (stock exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Charting trends:

Downward trend since September 2018, short-term volatile, strong movements in both directions, slide below chart support in the range of around 80 euros could have been just a bear trap.

Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 79.06 euros / 92.02 euros
EMA 20: 85.55 euros
EMA 50: 98.49 euros
EMA 200: 116.27 euros

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