Trump is pushing the Internet company Alibaba off the stock exchange?

America’s President Trump
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Washington is considering to throw Chinese companies out of the important New York stock market. This would make the divorce of both countries perfect. This is not good for Alibaba & Co.’s share prices.

AOn Tuesday, an explosive news spread around Shanghai’s financial circles: Alibaba’s existence on the American stock exchange was nearing the end.

The Internet giant, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with a market capitalization of $ 540 billion and thus the most valuable Chinese company abroad, had been asked by the American stock exchange regulator SEC to disclose its ownership structure.

Baidu, the Internet company from Beijing that is listed in America, had also taken the lead, as did the Chinese mail order company The SEC, it is rumored that an employee of the Chinese stock exchange regulator had apparently spread, wanted to know whether the companies were actually private as claimed. Or whether the Chinese state is actually the largest shareholder in Alibaba & Co. If the SEC were to get the impression that this could be the case, the companies would be banned from the American capital market. And at Alibaba, which since its founding by Jack Ma, an official member of the Communist Party, has suspected that it holds a significant stake in the company, the Americans would certainly find something.

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