These billionaires increased their wealth in the crisis

His fortune has only grown by $ 11.9 billion in the past two months, but the title as the second richest man in the world remains Microsoft founder Bill Gates with a net worth of $ 106.5 billion. Compared to the previous year (as of May 14, 2019), his assets grew by $ 2.5 billion. Gates now owns just over one percent of the company’s shares in Microsoft.imago images / Xinhua

Since their low in late March, share prices have been on the upswing again. This will benefit small investors as well as billionaires with large share packages. The US business magazine Forbes has determined what development on the stock exchanges means for the super-rich in the world. For the 25 richest people in the world, it calculated how the recovery in the markets affected their wealth. The starting point of the observation is March 23, which marked a low in the pandemic on the New York Stock Exchange. In the two months after, the wealthiest of the richest 25 billionaires grew by around EUR 255 billion. All in all, the super-rich, whose wealth is tied to shares, have assets of $ 1.5 trillion.

None of the billionaires on the Forbes list has suffered asset losses since the reporting date. The bottom-up with the lowest growth – Walmart heirs Jim, Alice and Robert Walton – also recorded a gain of $ 3.6 billion.

These billionaires grew in wealth during the crisis

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