Swinkels Family Brewers is accelerated with Swinckels 0 percent

The brewer adds another alcohol-free beer to its extensive range of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers. In addition to the alcohol that was brought back from the catering industry, the alcohol from the superior pilsner was also distilled and processed into hand alcohol. This was donated to healthcare institutions with a shortage of disinfectant. The family brewer already helped more than 1,200 different institutions.

Romke Swinkels, director of the Netherlands at Swinkels Family Brewers: ‘It is especially important in times of crisis to be innovative and solution-oriented. The introduction of Swinckels’ 0.0% is a striking example of this. It was already clear that we wanted to come with an alcohol-free version of Swinckels, but we have now accelerated this. With this we want to offer our catering relations something innovative. It also fits in with our circular ambitions, with which we strive to reuse residual products in a high-quality manner. Now in the form of hand alcohol. I am proud that we can now use this beer, which we introduced in 2007 as a tribute to the sixth generation, for such a good cause. ”

Temporarily available
Swinckels’ Superior 0.0% Beer will be available from 1 June in catering establishments, which will then be allowed to (partially) open its doors again. The non-alcoholic beer is brewed in a limited amount and will therefore be temporarily available. Swinckels’ 0.0%, like the alcoholic variant, has a pronounced taste and is characterized by the use of aromatic hops. The beer was introduced in 2007 as a tribute from the seventh to the sixth generation Swinkels. At the time, it was initially only served in the catering industry, but found its way to the supermarket ten years later.

About Royal Swinkels Family Brewers
Royal Swinkels Family Brewers Holding N.V. is the holding company of the Swinkels Family Brewers group. Swinkels Family Brewers is a 100% independent family business. For seven generations, the Swinkels family has been leading a group of companies that now has various brewery locations: the Bavaria brewery in Lieshout (the Netherlands), the Molen brewery in Bodegraven (the Netherlands), the Palm en de Hoorn brewery in Steenhuffel (Belgium), the Rodenbach brewery in Roeselare (Belgium) and the Habesha brewery in Debre Birhan (Ethiopia). In addition, the family works closely with the brewery de Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot (the Netherlands). Collectively, these breweries in 2019 accounted for the production of eight million hectoliters of beer and 818 thousand hectoliters of soft drinks. With Holland Malt, the group has two own malt houses, which together accounted for the production of 395 thousand tons of malt in 2019. In addition, CereX produces about 4,000 tons of malt extracts and compounds every year. Bier & cO, one of the largest importers of specialty beer in Europe, became part of Swinkels Family Brewers in 2018, further increasing the local relevance of its portfolio. More than 1,800 employees worldwide work within Swinkels Family Brewers on a common goal: to offer consumers a suitable beer for every moment. On March 27, 2019, Swinkels Family Brewers received the Royal designation. Since then, the company proudly calls itself Royal Swinkels Family Brewers. For more information: “

(source: RSFB)

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