Six projects added! Project space increased by more than 52 percent! Is there now a course adjustment in the same amount?

Due to the mine closings as part of the worldwide shutdown of the largest and most important U3O8 producers, the uranium market is inexorably slipping into a severe deficit. Uranium stocks should take off!

Uranium production declined sharply even before the corona virus, and the number of new nuclear power plants increased at the same time. Of course, this also creates a dramatic bottleneck in uranium supply and on the spot market.

According to the statista website As of January 2020, 107 reactors are in the planning stage or are already under construction, of which China alone has 43 Russia 24 Egypt 4, the United Kingdom 3, the United States 3 and Turkey 3, i.e. 80 in number. The rest are spread over countries that are planning either two or only one new nuclear reactor.

Due to the mine closings as part of the worldwide shutdown of the largest and most important U3O8 producers, such as Cameco’s ‘McArthur River’ mine, as well as significant cuts in production at Kazatomprom, the uranium market is inexorably slipping into a severe deficit.

The market is slowly beginning to feel this, because now more than 34, – USD have to be shelled out for a pound of uranium, while the price was a good eight to ten weeks ago at only around 24, – USD per pound.

While the list of new nuclear reactors is relatively long, the list of uranium companies has decreased comparatively sharply due to the catastrophically low uranium prices that have persisted for years.

Most of the uranium currently comes from Kazakhstan, followed by Canada and Australia. The largest uranium output comes from the ‘Cigar Lake’ mine in Saskatchewan, which is currently the highest grade uranium mine in the world and has only been in operation for a good five years.

And right here, in Saskatchewan, are the world-class uranium projects from IsoEnergy (ISIN: CA46500E1079; WKN: A2DMA2; TSX-V: ISO). In the ‘Atabasca Basin’, which is known for its uranium deposits, IsoEnergy has so far owned around 109,000 hectares and, with its strategically favorable assets, ‘Larocque East’, ‘Geiger’, ‘Thorburn Lake’ as well as’ Radio ‘and’ Evergreen ‘in the eastern’ Athabasca Basin ‘on excellent assets.

But now, and probably nobody was on the screen, the top uranium company, led by flagship manager Craig Parry, added six new uranium exploration areas in the same region of the eastern ‘Athabasca Basin’!

Supplemented with this IsoEnergy (ISIN: CA46500E1079; WKN: A2DMA2; TSX-V: ISO) its already huge portfolio of high-grade uranium deposits again with a total area of ​​more than 57,000 ha.

Source: IsoEnergy

The new acquisition ‘Hawk’

The 6,000-hectare property ‘Hawk’ is located around 15 km west of Highway 905 and 37 km from the ‘Larocque East’ property, which also belongs to the company and which houses the high-grade ‘Hurricane’ zone! ‘Hawk’ was staked out to cover an area with low magnetic susceptibility (‘mag low’), which, however, harbors promising metasedimentary rock in the lower area.

Within a magnetic area, more than 16 km northeast-southwest and east-west EM conductors have been discovered, which indicate the existence of favorably oriented graphitic gneisses.

Source: IsoEnergy

To date, only one well has been drilled on this project, indicating that there are high-grade deposits at a depth of 600 m or more.

The new acquisition ‘Clover’

A total of 24,000 hectares of new claims were staked out on ‘Clover’ in order to cover an EM manager with a 40 km northeast orientation within an extension of the ‘Clover’ property.

Source: IsoEnergy

Despite the long strike length of the conductive underground rock, there are so far only three historical boreholes in this huge area, which indicate a discordance from around 700 m.

New acquisition ‘tower’

The 6,300 hectare ‘tower’ property is characterized by a significant relief of the regional airborne magnetic data sets, including the presence of northeastern magnetically low anomalies. These features indicate a complex structural history that is favorable for the formation of uranium deposits.

Source: IsoEnergy

And the location should also be considered for this promising property. Because the uranium mine ‘Cigar Lake’ is located just 11 km to the southeast!

New acquisition ‘Trident’

The perfect location is also remarkable for the new 9,500 ha ‘Trident’ project. This property is located on the eastern edge of the ‘Athabasca Basin’, along Highway 905 and only 8 km south of the ‘Rabbit Lake’ uranium mill.

Source: IsoEnergy

Claims have already been staked out here that cover four different trends from EM leaders, all of which are even just outside the pool edge. The geological difference is that there is no sandstone cover on this property, but a higher degree of mineralization can be expected at increasing depth.

Because several mineral deposits have already been documented, including a uranium-bearing boulder field, which is partly located on the property, as well as an outcrop of discord-related pitchblende mineralization.

Acquisition of ‘Gemini’

The somewhat smaller plot of 5,800 hectares is also located on the eastern edge of the pool, around 31 km southwest of the company’s own ‘East Rim’ project and 60 km northeast of the ‘Lake Key’ uranium mill. ‘Gemini’ captivates with a previously localized EM conductor and a radioactive deposit under a sandstone layer that is only up to 100 m thin.

Source: IsoEnergy

Acquisition of ‘Spruce’

This 6,000 hectare project on the southern edge of the pool and immediately west of the company’s own evergreen property comprises parts of three conductive trends immediately west of evergreen

Source: IsoEnergy

Similar to some of the company’s new properties mentioned above, the sandstone cover is very thin at only up to 100 m and there are known uranium and uranium scout sites in the immediate vicinity!

Aim for a long time! Steve Blower, vice president of exploration, says:

“We have had these properties on our radar for some time. Now that uranium prices are starting to rise, we have made a decision to secure ownership. Each of these properties has excellent exploration potential because there are already drillable targets on conductive features and / or nearby known deposits. ”

What’s next?

With the newly staked plots IsoEnergy (ISIN: CA46500E1079; WKN: A2DMA2; TSX-V: ISO) over 21 uranium exploration properties in the high-grade, eastern ‘Athabasca Basin’. Due to the expansion of the existing properties, the total is even over 170,700 ha.

The current main task is to compile the historical work on all new claims, in particular airborne and ground-based geophysical surveys and core drilling, and to integrate them into the existing IsoEnergy data sets.

But despite the many excellent and promising other projects, the focus remains on the ‘hurricane’ zone, especially since there is no official obligation to have to carry out exploration work in the new areas by 2022. And it makes sense to focus on the most explored ‘hurricane’ zone, because from here top drilling results are consistently reported.

Highest grade borehole in the world !!!

A top hole recently delivered an average uranium grade of 14.5% U3O8 over 7.5 m, from a depth of 322.5 m. An extremely high one immediately stood out Nickel content of 3.5% in the eye! If this can be extracted separately, IsoEnergy could even market a very profitable by-product!

Within the same hole, only 3 m deeper, there was an even higher grade core with almost incredible 30.90% U3O8 over 3.5 m included 7.10% nickel average !!! These are definitely grades that are second to none!

At In an external evaluation, IsoEnergy was even named the company with the best borehole in the world!

Source: OPAXE report April 2020

Because converted on the basis of gold equivalent, the hole LE20-52 corresponds to 2,013 ounces of gold equivalent according to the experts from OPAXE !!! And that is a value of superlatives!

Further exploration highlights:

– The hurricane zone is already 575 m long, 40 m wide and up to 11 m thick!

– The most recent drilling within the ‘Hurricane’ zone also intersected a zone with extremely strong uranium mineralization at least 100 meters long at the western end!

– Recent outstanding uranium mineralizations include:

o Hole LE20-53 – 11.7% U3O8 over 10.5 m, including 40.4% U3O8 over 3.0 m

o Hole LE20-52 – 22.7% U3O8 over 7.5 m, including 67.2% U3O8 over 2.5 m

o Hole LE20-51 – 14.5% U3O8 over 7.5 m, including 30.9% U3O8 over 3.5 m

o Hole LE20-40 – 20.5% U3O8 over 4.0 m, including 53.8% U3O8 over 1.5 m

o Hole LE20-34 – 33.9% U3O8 over 8.5 m, including 57.1% U3O8 over 5.0 m

Hole LE20-32A – 19.6% U3O8 over 8.5 m, including 63.6% U3O8 over 2.5 m

– Many areas have excellent expansion potential

– The company is planning a summer drilling program that is expected to include the collection of geotechnical and hydrogeological data.

– Financially well positioned, with around CAD 3.5 million, the summer drilling program can now be carried out flawlessly.

Significant expansion of the western ‘hurricane’ zone!

The recent exploration work came across IsoEnergy (ISIN: CA46500E1079; WKN: A2DMA2; TSX-V: ISO) in 14 holes drilled in the western extension of the Hurricane Zone for significant mineralization.

Source: IsoEnergy

In addition, a new zone with very strong uranium mineralization was encountered in several holes, which is characterized by extremely high grade mineralization over longer stretches, as is the case with hole LE20-34 33.9% U3O8 over 8.5 m, including 57.1% U3O8 over 5.0 m proves.

Source: IsoEnergy

In this context, it is particularly important to note that all five holes drilled within the westernmost sections are open to north and / or south expansion.

This is demonstrated not least by section 4435E, which clearly has high potential for additional mineralization that should be north of hole LE20-34 and also south of hole LE20-52.

Source: IsoEnergy

So far, only the westernmost 1.4 km of the 5 km resistance anomaly has been covered within the ‘hurricane’ zone, which in turn only covers around 33% of the 15 km ladders within the ‘Larocque’ trend. Because of this, further drilling east of the ‘Hurricane’ zone is required, which in turn makes us eagerly awaiting the next results.

Source: IsoEnergy

Our conclusion:

IsoEnergy (ISIN: CA46500E1079; WKN: A2DMA2; TSX-V: ISO) is definitely there with its projects in the ‘Athabasca Basin’ where company history is written. And the story of IsoEnergy is just beginning !!!

This is proven by the consistently world-class drilling results! If such massive, high-quality projects are developed by a first-class team and by exemplary entrepreneur Craig Parry, you should be there.

Even if the stock price has already jumped, the most recent exploration successes and success story are still around IsoEnergy (ISIN: CA46500E1079; WKN: A2DMA2; TSX-V: ISO), still in the very early stages! Especially since the uranium price surge to over 34.00 USD per pound U3O8, which is just beginning to show itself in the share price, means that we are facing a brilliant time in the uranium sector! Despite the recent price increases of some companies and the uranium price, this sector, which now consists of only a few companies, has hardly any investors on the screen. A mega bull market seems to be in the process of establishing itself.

In the last bull market in 2007, almost all uranium exploration stocks rose several hundred percent, some even several thousand percent. The quality of many of these stocks was very questionable, especially when compared to IsoEnergy.

With its many world-class projects and major advances, it should not be long before the company is discovered by larger investors and subsequently reassessed. It should be worth building a first position! Be sure to stay on the ball here!

Best wishes and maximum success with your investments!

Your JS research team

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