S Immo: Two analysts’ votes

Total revenues at S Immo rose by around 6 percent in the first quarter to 51 million euros. Rental income increased from 28 million euros to more than 31 million euros. EBITDA improved by 9.4 percent to EUR 21.4 million. The FFO increased by 28 percent to almost 14 million euros.

The Austrians are more cautious when valuing their holdings, resulting in a negative valuation result of 31.5 million euros. Devaluations are likely to occur, especially in Central Europe.

SRC Research analysts confirm their buy recommendation for S Immo shares after the quarterly figures. The target price for the Austrian share remains at EUR 20.00.

Baader experts rated S Immo’s shares as “add” as before. Here the target price is 25.00 euros, this is also confirmed.

S Immo is certified by the analysts’ solid operating figures for the first quarter.

S Immo shares today gain 1.0 percent to EUR 16.88.

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