Runners Point closes all branches in Germany – hundreds of employees affected

The US dealer Foot Locker takes its Runners Point brand off the market – and closes all branches: in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More than 700 employees are affected.

The retail group Foot Locker closes its running shoe chain Runners Point and takes the brand off the market. “All branches will be closed,” said a spokesman for the US company on Monday at the request of the German press agency.

A total of around 720 employees are affected by the closure, it said on Tuesday. The stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland had around 550 employees. Another 170 people work at the headquarters in Recklinghausen in the areas of administration, logistics and online.

The employees had already been informed on Friday, the spokesman continued. “Now there is a dialogue with the social partners about a reconciliation of interests.” The branches should initially remain open until an agreement has been reached.

Runners Point branches, especially in western Germany

Runners Point was founded in 1984 and was part of the KarstadtQuelle Group for many years. In 2013, the company was taken over by the US retail group Foot Locker.

At the beginning of February, there were a total of 81 branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to the annual report. Runners Point currently lists 73 branches in Germany on the Internet, especially in the old federal states and in Berlin.

Foot Locker gave no precise reasons for the plans, but spoke of a previous “assessment of our business activities and the competitive landscape in Germany over the past twelve months”. The Foot Locker and Sidestep brands will continue to be there for customers in the future.

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