Record Tesla share: That’s what experts like tech investor Frank Thelen say

Is Tesla overvalued on the stock exchange? This is the question that investors and market observers are asking themselves in view of the current skyrocketing Tesla share. The paper on Tradegate currently costs around 512 euros, after the share was even quoted at more than 534 euros last week. The value of the share has more than doubled in the past three months. With a market capitalization of currently 88.5 billion euros, Tesla is now worth more than Volkswagen (market capitalization: 85.7 billion euros).

“The technological lead in battery research and autonomous driving, the countless amounts of data, our own chip development – all of this has a value that few understand today,” said Frank Thelen, prominent entrepreneur and tech investor, to our partner editorial team wallstreet: online. wallstreet: online has asked experts for an assessment in view of the Tesla soaring.

While Tesla driver Thelen stated that he had long believed in the US company, the renowned auto analyst J├╝rgen Pieper from the Metzler bank was more cautious. The recent price increase is startling and reflects the special status that the company has within the industry, he said.

You can read the complete article by Ferdinand Hammer at wallstreet: online (click here).

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