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Ranking Corona crisis: these are the safest countries in the world

Before Corona, everyone is suddenly the same. Never in human history have all countries in the world responded to the same potentially fatal threat at the same time. The basic conditions are somewhat different in each country. However, the Covid 19 pandemic still allows an unprecedented comparison of global crisis management. Germany is the only country in Europe to do particularly well in this region.

How governments protect citizens

At least that is what an analysis by the Deep Knowledge Group showed in April. The London think tank has examined which governments offer their citizens the greatest security in the corona crisis. Four main categories were assessed:

  • Quarantine efficiency: among other things, extent, penalties for violations, restrictions on travel, financial aid for citizens in quarantine
  • Efficiency of government work: for example, the level of castrophage protection, the status of digitization
  • Monitoring and diagnostics: availability and type of corona tests, availability of data
  • Medical care: number of ventilators, hospital beds and medical personnel, provision of emergency funds

These are the safest countries in the corona crisis, according to the Deep Knowledge Group

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