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Pilz makes masks for themselves and others

Around two thirds of Pilz employees in Ostfildern are on short-time work. Our photo from the production was taken before the Corona crisis. Photo: mushroom

First the hacker attack, then the corona crisis: The automation specialist from Ostfildern has been tried and tested in crisis and is confident despite difficult times. But last year the family business slipped into the red.

Ostfildern – automation specialist Pilz in Ostfildern, who was the victim of a massive hacker attack in October last year, has had a difficult year and an uncertain year ahead due to the downturn and the corona crisis. Nevertheless, Susanne Kunschert and her brother Thomas Pilz, who have been the management team since 2018, are confident that they will get through this difficult time together. “We are crisis-tested,” says Kunschert at a video conference in which she and her brother wear masks – mushroom masks from our own production.

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