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More and more Germans fear old-age poverty. What changes in the Corona crisis in terms of pension strategies and future investments? Here comes a condensed capital briefing on retirement provision in corona times.

When it comes to saving for retirement, many Germans still stick their heads in the sand. But even those who make private provision do not automatically do everything right. Five typical mistakes in old-age provision – and how they can be avoided.

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All courses submerge, but of all things bank interest rates rise – just a little bit. So will the large corona debt fuel inflation? Hardly likely. We should rather be prepared for the opposite.

Euro notes in ATMs: will big inflation come after the crisis?

Paul Marsh, emirated professor of finance at London Business School, has seen several crashes in the stock market. At the moment, investors need strong nerves. However, you should still invest long-term.

The corona crash has shaken the markets. In the meantime, trading in New York is completely electronic, floor trading is at a standstill

When the stock markets collapsed in March, the gold price slipped as well. Juan Carlos Artigas, Head of Research at the World Gold Council, explains what it was all about and what factors determine the price of the precious metal in the long term.

Gold bars at the Bundesbank
Gold bars at the Bundesbank

Many people make a mistake in the pension calculation: they calculate with gross amounts and forget about taxes and health insurance contributions. A calculation example shows how much really remains in the end.

Symbolic picture: Pension and pension
Symbolic picture: pension and pension

Life to work? Unfortunately, this is a reality in these OECD countries. Here people only enjoy their pension for a few years.

Many people do not know how much money is available to them in old age
Many people do not know how much money is available to them in old age

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